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Ask The Pastor

Thursday, October 17, 2002

> Bro. Buddy,
> Do you have any idea where the 'revelation' of the blood covenant
> between a virgin man and virgin woman came from? Was it always known,
> but lost over the centuries?
> It makes total sense to me, but I'd like to know the origin of this
> teaching before I attempt to teach it myself.


The idea of a marriage being a covenant is Scriptural. The idea of a virgin marriage being a blood covenant is a teaching that has passed through the times. Some of this teaching is Scriptural, and some relates to the physical aspect of virgin love.

Being a virgin, both male and female, is given a strong emphasis in the Scriptures. It was a virtue to be brought into the marriage. The Law of Moses has things to say about this. The first act of virgin love was to have its testimony from the broken hymen. Witnesses were to be shown the evidence, with the bride's parents keeping the evidence. (It is similar in orthodox Jewish marriages today.)

If a man ever accused his bride of not being a virgin when they married, all the parents had to do was produce the evidence from the marital night. The elders would chastise him, fine him, and he could never divorce his wife. There were a great many laws that had to do with various sexual defilements.

But the ancients also saw the blood covenant of marriage from it's physical aspects. The circumcision of a male child had to do with covenant. In this holy act there was the cutting of covenant. Blood was released. In taking this to the virgin marriage, in the first act of love there is also a letting of blood. When the hymen was broken the virgin bride releases blood on the male organ. She has cut covenant with him. They are now in a blood covenant together.

Does this help?

Bro. Buddy Martin - Ask the Pastor

Lawrence "Buddy" Martin

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